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The Codename: Kids Next Door Rating Community
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Welcome to the Codename: Kids Next Door rating community!

Brought to you by juliefoojojo87 and orgrimmar!


This is a rating community for the ever-popular show on Cartoon Network, Codename: Kids Next Door.
In this particular community, we will base or decisions solely on the descriptive nature of your application, so there will be no need for posting pictures.
We will also strive to ensure that this rating community is fair, so we will not rate a certain person strictly on the character we know they like, but the character that best suits their personality.

Since this community is just beginning, you will be rated after five votes, or after 48 hours have passed.
Please please please rate others. You don't have to have a stamp to be able to rate... just go for it! Please? ^_^

If you reaally don't like who you're stamped as, you may fill out ONLY ONE other application a month after being stamped if you would like. We have no problems with that.


x First off, no flaming/bashing/arguing, or drama.
x You must join the community to post. Yeah, this is a given, but some people are kinda... >>;
x Copy and paste the application survey into a new journal entry and post it to the group. There is no need for an eljay-cut, since one is provided for you. ^^
x Fill out the survey completely. Otherwise, we will not be able to rate you.
x Answer the questions truthfully, not as the character you wish to be rated as.
x In the subject line of your post, write Stupidliest! so we know you've read da rules.
x If you join, please vote others to keep the community alive.
x When rating, please rate them according to what they answered, not their preferred character... and bold your vote.
x We've changed our mind. In the subject line, write Funnelcakes and Pizza?! so we know you REALLY read da rules.
x Have fun!


Copy and paste the text below into a post and fill out your info!



. derscroot is most like Mushi Sanban!
. stormwind is most like Numbuh 3, Kuki Sanban!
. orgrimmar is most like Cree Lincoln!
. princessdejiko is most like Numbuh 3, Kuki Sanban!
. juliefoojojo87 is most like Sonia!
. blinkidybah is most like Numbuh 2, Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr.!
. gothic_hamlet is most like Numbuh 86, Francine Fullbright!
. rotodisc is most like Numbuh 5, Abigail Lincoln!
. megguendo is most like The Delightful Children from down the lane!


Here is a list of the characters you might be rated as!

. Numbuh One, Nigel Uno
. Numbuh Two, Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr.
. Numbuh Three, Kuki Sanban
. Numbuh Four, Wallabee Beetles
. Numbuh Five, Abigail Lincoln
. Numbuh Six, Bradley the Skunk
. Numbuh 86, Francine Fulbright
. Numbuh 274, Chad Dickson
. Numbuh 60
. Numbuh 362
. Numbuh 30C
. Lizzie
. Father
. The Delightful Children From Down The Lane
. Toilenator
. Cree Lincoln
. Mushi Sanban
. Joey Beetles
. Sonia
. Heinrich von Marzipan
. King Sandy
. The Kid, "Ace"
. Mustache (xD)


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