she who is beaten by a dead squirrel every day (stormwind) wrote in kndrating,
she who is beaten by a dead squirrel every day

Oooh! Maybe afterwards we can get some yummy FUNNELCAKES AND PIZZA ON THE BOARDWALK.

Name: Valerie
Age: 21
Gender: girly girl
Likes: Cartoons, blabbing on the phone, friends, attention, discovering new music, pajamas
Dislikes: Work/chores, lonliness, show-offs and rude people, extreme weather, storms, bugs
Strengths: I like to think I'm a good friend. I know how to have fun, how to make people laugh and lift their spirits.
Weaknesses: I'm EXTREMELY emotional and sensitive, and I focus way too much on what others think. I get stressed out if I think someone's upset with me. I'm also terribly lazy and lousy with money.
Hobbies: Drawing, writing, webbing, singing, pin trading/collecting, photography

What is your favorite color? It's a tie between purple and blue.
What is your favorite animal? Panda, I guess.
What is your favorite food? Spaghetti
What is your least favorite food? Pork chops

Who is your favorite KND Character? Why? I hate this question, because I love them all equally. Since I absolutely have to pick, I'm going with Hoagie. I love his puns, his optimism and his hero complex.
Who is your least favorite KND character? Why? The Delightful Children, and not just because they're the bad guys. They just... bug me. And the blonde kid in front bothers me. He's oddly proportioned.
What is your favorite KND episode? Why? I have quite a few favorites, but END will always be at the top of my list. It was the first episode I ever saw, and it was at my own will and by myself. I think the whole idea of them forgetting was just really neat, and I liked seeing how they "saved the day".
What are three of your favorite pairings? Your OTP? 3/4, 2/5 and 1/5. OTP is 3/4.

Are you more impulsive or rational? Rational. C'mon, I made a huge fuss about sneaking into a movie theater.
Are you more energetic, or calm? Energetic once you get me going!
Are you more mature, or immature? Immature. Definitely. No one believes I'm 21.
Are you more of a leader or a follower? Uh, I feel I'm a bit of both. It all depends on the situation.
Are you more shy or outgoing? More outgoing, nowadays.
Are you more pessimistic or optimistic? I'm optimistic when I'm not dwelling on little things or whining. xP
Are you more manipulative, or easily influenced? More easily influenced, actually.

Have any siblings? Three younger brothers.
What do you think of kids? teenagers? adults? the elderly? I lovelovelove kids, they're so cute. Teens nowadays are just annoying and superficial. Adults, especially the ones I work with, are just like teenagers, only they're better at hiding it. And I'm torn when it comes to the elderly. Some are really sweet, others are just bitter and grumpy.
If you were in the Kids Next Door, what type of job would you see yourself doing? The thought of flying really does fascinate me, so I would want to train to be a pilot for sure.
How would you handle being decomissioned? Would you fight it, or accept it? I dunno. I'd definitely want to fight it, but I'm not usually a rebellious person. I'd probably reluctantly accept it.
What is your favorite 2x4 technology weapon or vehicle? SPLANKER, definitely. I wish I had me one. So many people to hit...
Moonbase, Sector, or Arctic Training Base? As cool as Moonbase sounds, I'd want my very own little sector.
Rainbow Monkeys? Not skeery! They're so cute and cuddly. Cute enough to make t-shirts featuring them.

Anything else you'd like to add? Eh, not really. ^^

Would you prefer to be rated as a boy, girl, or either? Doesn't matter to me.

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