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So I herd u liek funnelcakes und pizza?!

Name: Des



summer, reality TV, being lazy, getting stuff for free, my beautiful laptop, my DS (it makes public transportation bearable!), British humor, Dark humor, Vocaloid, other quirky Japanese stuff (like the beer-pouring robot and... fuck, anything on Nico Nico Douga)

Rainy weather, people who telephone too often, arriving to places early and having to wait around, doing chores, people who seriously anthropomorphize animals (I'm not talking about Mickey Mouse, I'm talking about having a real pet and treating it like it's your child, making it wear clothes and other dumb crap.)

Confident, generous, honest, lucky, unique (eccentric?), artistic, good writer (I know, everyone on the internet thinks they can write, but trust me on this.), and quite a good critic.

Self-centered, impolite, don't feel much empathy for others, stubborn, appears aloof, picky, doesn't care about what's popular. I'm also severely arrogant.

Drawing, LJ roleplaying (I play at mayfield_rpg and route_29 ), Gaming (though I don't consider myself a "Gamer," that title has an air of Serious Business to me), occasionally make AMVs.

What is your favorite color?
Other than black, which isn't really a colour, it changes frequently. Usually between red, gold, green and blue though.

What is your favorite animal?
Birds and insects.

What is your favorite food?
Ice cream, noodles, burgers and steak.

What is your least favorite food?
Probably asparagus or raisins, but I also hate unexpected flavors, like sweetened meat. Though I like most Japanese food, Teriyaki is a no thank you.

Who is your favorite KND Character? Why?
Numbuh One. He strongly reminds me of what I tried to act like when I was that young. :'D I really liked James Bond and stuff that he seems to be an homage to, and I was always the leader of some group of misfits, the smart one, huge imagination, and took playtime too seriously. I guess this whole show makes me nostalgic, but he's the one I most identify with. xDa Though I was NEVER that organized and I grew out of the SRS BIZNIZ deal.

Who is your least favorite KND character? Why?
I guess Lizzie. I used to hate her thoroughly, but then later I realized she's kind of funny and I can appreciate her role in the story. But she's still kind of obnoxious.

What is your favorite KND episode? Why?
I think I.T. - Just because playing tag with the entire KND throughout the world looked stupidly fun.

What are three of your favorite pairings? Your OTP? 1/5, 2/86, 5/Heinrich (or Henrietta; I lol'd when I found out my ship was a yuri trap)

Are you more impulsive or rational?
I'd have to say impulsive, but I always rationalize to justify my impulsiveness. Even if my logic ends up being kinda dumb, I don't mind as long as it's a funny justification. I just want a story to tell after I've inevitably followed my instinct.

Are you more energetic, or calm?
I'm generally calm and/or deadpan, I have been told my voice sounds dry (like an "ass-kicking secretary." Yeah, I dunno either.) But I get over-excitable over certain things.

Are you more mature, or immature?
Maturity really is an age-relative thing, I'm way more mature than most teenagers but I
probably missed the maturity train for adulthood due to my extreme lack of interest in driving and employment.

Are you more of a leader or a follower?
I am used to leading, since the people who tended to gravitate toward me were usually socially awkward kids that wanted me to stand up for them. But though I'm definitely NOT a follower, I can't say I'm a leader either, since I would probably do what I want to do, regardless of what anyone else thought. I don't mind pulling people along for the ride and occasionally bossing them around, but that's not exactly leadership.

Are you more shy or outgoing?
I would say that I am selective. Mostly I'm an introvert, but I'm not afraid to talk to people I'm interested in. I'm very confident and will be myself in front of anyone, which isn't what shy people do.

Are you more pessimistic or optimistic?
I'm really optimistic.

Are you more manipulative, or easily influenced?
To be honest, I'm probably more manipulative than I should be. I use other people to get what I want whenever I can.

Have any siblings? It's complicated! I have a full-blood sister who was put up for open adoption, so I barely know her. Then I have two stepsisters who I don't really care much about cause they're pretty, perfect and boring, and a stepbrother I've never met since he lives in Australia.

What do you think of kids? teenagers? adults? the elderly?
People are people. When I was a kid, I really, truly had no patience or respect at all for adult's superior attitudes toward me.
Now that I'm grown up, I don't really connect with kids anymore; however, some kids are
annoying and some kids are cute. But it's the same with any age group. There's always people you don't like. I think the annoying kids probably grew up to be annoying adults. I tend to find that people who don't like kids also just don't like people in general.

If you were in the Kids Next Door, what type of job would you see yourself doing? Probably intelligence, or blueprints for the 2x4 Tech. Realistically, I wouldn't be much of a combat type.

How would you handle being decomissioned? Would you fight it, or accept it?

I was pretty vehement in my dislike of 'adult tyranny' at that age, and very loyal to my friends, and to this day I'm resistant to doing adult-like things, so I doubt I'd even have to worry about it. I'd probably become one of those secret teen operatives.

But if not, I would definitely fight it, cause I would hate anyone who tried to separate me from my friends. I'd escape with them by any means. And we'd be this badass vigilante team.

What is your favorite 2x4 technology weapon or vehicle? Probably Numbuh One's jet boots. They're just USEFUL.

Moonbase, Sector, or Arctic Training Base? Depends on how well-heated the Moonbase is. I like the look of their work since it seems a bit less hands-on, but I couldn't stand it if it's really cold, as space tends to be. I'd rather work in a sector in a warm climate if that was the case.

Rainbow Monkeys? Ooh let's see. Minimum age for joining KND is 8, I think I grew out of girly things by age 9, if I recall. So I wouldn't be into rainbow monkeys, no.

Anything else you'd like to add? HAHA why am I even doing this? Your last post was two years ago. Boredom reigns supreme.

Would you prefer to be rated as a boy, girl, or either? Either is fine!

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