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Funnelcakes and Pizza?! Yep.

Name:  Blue
Age: Fifteen
Gender: Female
Likes: Anime, drawing, gothic literature, fanfics, wolves, KND, rock music
Dislikes: Close minded people, unkind people, animal cruelty, spiders
Strengths: Creativity, I'm extremely loyal, compassionate
Weaknesses: Easily hurt, not very aggressive, quiet, not much common sense.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, being the Otaku girlie that I am, listening to music, the Tarot

What is your favorite color? Blue
What is your favorite animal? Wolf
What is your favorite food? Chinese. It's good, regardless of the fact that I don't always know what I'm eating. XD
What is your least favorite food? ..I don't think I have a least favorite food.

Who is your favorite KND Character? Why? Wally hands down. <3 Because he's cute
Who is your least favorite KND character? Why? That 30c guy..he's just kinda annoying I guess. *shrugs*
What is your favorite KND episode? Why? Operation CATS. 'I love you'  Kuki-'Nooo I love you!!!'  Wally- *gag* (That's why, lol.)
What are three of your favorite pairings? Your OTP? 3/4, Go panda warriors Woo-hoo

Are you more impulsive or rational? Rational
Are you more energetic, or calm? Calm usually, but I have my many moments.
Are you more mature, or immature? Mature
Are you more of a leader or a follower? Neither actually, I do my own thing.
Are you more shy or outgoing? Shy
Are you more pessimistic or optimistic? Optimistic
Are you more manipulative, or easily influenced? Eh..manipulative

Have any siblings? Younger brother
What do you think of kids? teenagers? adults? the elderly? Teens can annoy me with all their shallowness and drama angst, otherwise I like everyone the same.
If you were in the Kids Next Door, what type of job would you see yourself doing? Hmm...being in charge of medical stuff I guess, the healer.
How would you handle being decomissioned? Would you fight it, or accept it? Fight it with all I have.
What is your favorite 2x4 technology weapon or vehicle? That board looking thing that smacks you..splanker I thing it was? Either that or Kuki's robot bunny.
Moonbase, Sector, or Arctic Training Base? Sector
Rainbow Monkeys? Can be irritating, otherwise I think they're so absurd that it's funny. XD

Anything else you'd like to add? Not that I can think of.

Would you prefer to be rated as a boy, girl, or either? Either, I'm not picky.

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, can't wait to see who I get~

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