Regan (gothic_hamlet) wrote in kndrating,

That's why you're not the one on the pole...

Name: Regan
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Likes: Japan, computer graphics, fangirling, anime, crackdrabbling, mindgames, my friends ^^
Dislikes: Ignorant egotism, being ignored, Perl, when people don't listen or are irrational
Strengths: Creative, well-rounded, level-headed, friendly
Weaknesses: Prone to frustration and boughts of depression, tendancy to keep troubles to myself, lazy when it comes to things I don't want to do
Hobbies: Drawing, acting, singing, voice acting, fencing, cosplay, programming, web design

What is your favorite color? Turquoise
What is your favorite animal? Dragons / Cats
What is your favorite food? Sushi
What is your least favorite food? Olives

Who is your favorite KND Character? Why? Umg, this gets complicated because of fandom. ^^; I might have to go with Wallabee... yes, he's a brash idiot and after a while he DOES get annoying, but it's richously fun to watch him bang his head repeatedly against a proverbial wall. (Fandom-wise though, I luff BND!version Tommy. >XP He too makes me laugh with his crazy ploys, but he's got the added bonus of wit and intelligence.)
Who is your least favorite KND character? Why? Nigel. ^^;; Don't kill me. I dunno... he's a little too straight-cut for me. Down-to-earth, bitchy, and focused without many of the strange quirks that make the others fun to watch.
What is your favorite KND episode? Why? F.U.T.U.R.E. Sci fi, adventure, angst, drama, and epic plots. I love epic plots.
What are three of your favorite pairings? Your OTP? Kuki/Wally = OTP. They're cute and defunct. So sue me. Abby/Hoagie. Lee/Sonia.

Are you more impulsive or rational? Rational
Are you more energetic, or calm? Depends. With my friends I'm very energetic. At other times calm.
Are you more mature, or immature? Again, depends on whether or not I'm with my friends. Immature around them, but mature and focused when it comes to large groups or projects.
Are you more of a leader or a follower? Leader. ^^ I like organizing/heading things.
Are you more shy or outgoing? Shy around strangers.
Are you more pessimistic or optimistic? Optimistic.
Are you more manipulative, or easily influenced? Manipulative. >XPP

Have any siblings? sister (-2 years), two half-brothers (-9 and -10 years), and half-sister (+6 years)
What do you think of kids? teenagers? adults? the elderly? The elderly squick me, mostly because I get fidgetty when I don't know how to act around them for very long. Adults can be fun (I am one after all), as are teenagers. Kids are okay if they are mature and suitably not bratty.
If you were in the Kids Next Door, what type of job would you see yourself doing? Hmmm hum. Following through on a mission most likely.
How would you handle being decomissioned? Would you fight it, or accept it? Fight it of course! In the way that I'll probably just attempt to sneak away secretly without having to really confront anyone.
What is your favorite 2x4 technology weapon or vehicle? M.E.R.R.Y.G.O.R.O.C.K.E.T. >XP Best name ever.
Moonbase, Sector, or Arctic Training Base? Sector. They have all the fun and get all the action!
Rainbow Monkeys? I like stuffed animals, but not monkeys.

Would you prefer to be rated as a boy, girl, or either? Either. ^^

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